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Customer Reviews

Products That Make Your Tail Wag!

At Mini Pet Mart, we strive to offer the best possible service in all of our locations throughout Oregon. Not only do we offer premium pet products for all of your pet’s needs, but we also offer experience and knowledge to go along with it. All of our staff are pet experts and trained to assist you with your pet related purchases, and ensure that your pet is receiving the appropriate food, toys, and grooming products. We would love to show you some testimonials from some of our customers, so that you can get a better idea of the quality of products and service we offer.

This is my go-to spot to pick up cat food without having to push and shove through a Freddy’s or Walmart. I get VIP parking every time (5 feet from the front door!), am quickly greeted by the friendly and helpful staff, and within 2 minutes I’m back in the car. With pet food being one of those things where you don’t always realize you’re out until you pour from the bag and 8 kibbles fall out, it’s great to have a small format pet store that is well-stocked.

Did I mention they have lots of Organic pet food options? Yep. And if they don’t have your brand, by golly, the store’s staff bends over backwards to get it in for you.

I wish my cat liked the world and would walk on leashes because I would trot her in to these meticulously clean pet stores for her to get some extra love and affection. Ah well…at least I can spoil her with a locally made cat scratch post from Mini Pet.

Also, if you are looking for hilarious cat birthday cards, you will be pleasantly delighted by their selection!

Sony M.

Mini Pet Mart is awesome but most especially this one! The staff are great. They are very helpful and every time I come in with my dog they remember his name. This rating is from him too because he absolutely loves going there to get a treat and some scratching behind the ears!

Liz T.

Went here once when I was visiting family and my dog got sprayed by a skunk. The place was well stocked with a large variety of pet supplies, and the staff was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. If I was living in town again this is where I would be doing my pet shopping.

Michael M.

I’ve always been able to find everything I need. My dog only likes a certain kind of food & I buy it here. I just stock up!! They are very helpful & have great suggestions. I need to stop by again – need more food!!

Sarah S.